DEI campus

The Department is headquartered in a well-known building named Palazzo delle Scienze (Corso Italia n°55, Catania). The department has further teaching facilities in another close-by building named Palazzo Fortuna (Corso delle Province n°36, Catania). The two buildings are just 3 minutes walkaway from eachother (pathway Palazzo delle Scienze - Palazzo Fortuna).

Teaching Rooms 

these are both at Palazzo delle Scienze and at Palazzo Fortuna. Rooms 1-15 and the Aula Magna at Palazzo delle Scienze are identified with PS on the electronic timetable. Differently, Rooms A-D and the Aula Magna at Palazzo Fortuna are identified with PF on the electronic timetableCheck out this simplified Map of Palazzo delle Scienze for directions in the main building.


Lecturers' Offices

these are all at Palazzo delle Scienze, either at the 3rd or 4th floor, check the Lecturers' webpage for the specific location.​


Administrative Offices

mainly at the 2nd floor of Palazzo delle Scienze.



you can access Catania Underground (Metro FCE line) directly from the back exit/entrance of Palazzo delle Scienze in Via Ramondetta; the underground stop is 'Italia'. Moreover, many urban and suburban bus lines stop in front of the Palazzo delle Scienze (Corso Italia 55).


Map of Catania Railway Network and Alibus Bus line (in Italian)


Connection with Catania Airport

go to the specific page.