Marco Ferdinando Martorana

Assistant Professor of Public Economics [SECS-P/03]

Marco Ferdinando Martorana is Senior Assistant Professor (RTD-b) of Public Economics. He received the Laurea in Economics and Business from the University of Catania, where he also completed the Doctorate program in Public Economics, and the Master of Science in Applied Economics and Data Analysis from the University of Essex (UK). He was research fellow at the University of Catania and visiting researcher at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He taught Public Economics for the BD in Economics at the University of Catania, and Introduction to Economics at the Ca Foscari University for the B.Sc. in Philosophy, International and Economic Studies. He currently teaches Public Economics (Bachelor Degree in Business Administration), Markets, Economics and Regulation (Master’s Degree in Business Management), and Spatial Econometrics (Ph.D in Economics, Management and Decision Making). He has got the National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Full Professor in Public Economics and as Associate Professor in Public Economics, Applied Economics and Economic Policy. His research areas of interest include empirical aspects of health and cultural economics and political economy, as well as the evaluation of efficiency of the public sector.

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