Information for Foreigners

  • Are you an exchange student, visiting staff or international visitor? In case you need information or support, please, refer to the specific service of the University: link.​


  • As for now, the Department does not offer taught programmes in English. Nonetheless, some few courses in the graduate programmes (in Italian "Laurea Magistrale") are taught in English.​


  • The contact person for the internationalization and the Erasmus programme within our Department is Prof. Isidoro Mazza (e-mail: imazza[at]unict[dot]it | tel: +39 095 7537 723).
Erasmus incoming students (to wit, non-Italian students spending their Erasmus period at the DEI) may refer to Roberta Russo for administrative information and procedures during their stay. Roberta Russo's office contacts: 
> Location: 2nd floor of the "Palazzo delle Scienze", SOUTH corridor - west side (corridoio SUD - lato ovest), reception hours: monday-friday 9:00-12:00, on tuesdays and wednesdays also 15:00-17:00.
> E-mail: russorob[at]unict[dot]it 



  • To contact specific units within the Department and for directions, check the "CONTATTI" webpage. ​


  • Be aware that the official name of the Department is only in Italian and this is "Dipartimento di Economia e Impresa", we translate it as Department of Economics and Business in English.