Set Work for IELTS - deadline 8th November

Writing 1 set work to be handed in at the lesson on 8th November. In  your IELTS Trainer coursebook please look at Writing  Task 1 from Test 2 on page 87. Please follow the indications given on the page. Below are some guidelines you must follow for written work. Please also remember to read the IELTS writing band scores for Task 1 so you are familiar with the marking criteria.


ALL work to be marked must be typed and printed in black ink .

Please remember to use 12 as a character size and Times New Roman/similar as character style. Spacing must be 1. 5 lines and you must leave a line between each paragraph of your work.

Work must include a word count.  

Part 1 Writing (20 minutes) 150 words

Part 2 Writing (40 minutes) 250 words.

Please submit your work with your name, surname  and word count total.

Please write the title at the top of the page

Your page should look like this:-

Name + Surname  








Word Count total  =0000



 Work must be handed in within the deadline, late or handwritten work will not be marked.

Site cited during lesson 25th October Leeds Collection of Online Corpora for Corpora, collocations and concordance :


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