Economics and Management

The PhD Program in Economics and Management of the University of Catania aims at attracting participants who truly show towering motivation and high potential to pursue a career in the international academic community or wish to have a professional future in a variety of financial institutions, government agencies, banks and insurances, and knowledge-intensive firms.

The PhD Program in Economics and Management of the University of Catania is designed as follows:

· the program balances a well-mixed portfolio of seminars on economic, accounting and management issues and on qualitative and quantitative methods of research in the relevant disciplines. In so way, it may provide students with excellent scientific knowledge and skills required for conducting high-quality research at the international level.

· the duration of the Program is four years since its inceptionThis means that PhD students are expected to conclude all the requirements to achieve their PhD, including the completion and handout of their final dissertation within four years. For motivated reasons and circumstances related to the conclusion their PhD work, the PhD students who have already advanced to the level of candidacy will have the possibility to extend the duration of the program by one year and only for one time, without any financial burden for the University of Catania;

· it is a full-time program entirely taught in English, which requires a regular attendance in the premises of the University of Catania;

· the PhD Program offers two specific research paths: one research curriculum in Economics and one inAccounting and Management. In principle, there will be an equal number of scholarships financed by the University of Catania allocated to each curriculum. A different number of scholarships may however arise when: (a) the number of students admitted to one curriculum is inferior to number of available scholarships financed by the University of Catania; (b) scholarships are financed or co-financed by external private or public entities in order to support research activities that refer specifically to one of the two specific curricula; (c) the number of scholarships financed by the University of Catania is not even.

The curriculum in economics will mainly focus on public economics, industrial organization, health economics, cultural economics, tourism economics, environmental economics.

The curriculum in accounting and management will have two fundamental concentration paths: (1) Accounting, and (2) Management. The concentration path in Accounting implies two sub-concentrations: (a) Financial Accounting, (b) Management Accounting, (c) Auditing and (d) Corporate Governance. The concentration path in Management involves five sub-concentrations, (a) Entrepreneurship and Innovation, (b) Marketing, (c) Organization Theory and Behavior, (d)Strategic Management and (e) Banking and Finance.

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